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Recreashunal Sporting Events Fill the Calendars in
Pothole During Spring and Summer

Huntin is Big Business in East Texas

Deer Season
Some are Vishus

Stop everything to bag the deer

Watch out for Deer on the Highways!

Scenic Deer Stands Populate the City Countryside

Portable Deer Stands

Don't Miss Wild Turkey Hunts!

Rattlesnake Hunting is a Favorite of Husbands
Making it a Family Affair.. and lunch too

Rabbit is A Pothole Favorite
Rabbit hunts bring food to the table

Gator Hunting Another Pothole Sport

Just Grab You One from the Shores of the Lake

Squirrel Hunting is a Generational Favorite In Pothole
Season is open year round to get rid of these dangerous varmits

Heading to the Marina Restaurant

Road Kill Huntin is Popular in Pothole
and all area Restaurants

Wild Boar Season All Year Round!
The Boar population is so great we fear
some may have been elected to the City Council Politburo

Wild Boar
An East Texas Delicacy

A word from our sponsor

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Real Texans do indeed laugh at themselves.