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Killem Park

To Dispel False Rumors:
There is no evidence that lake pollution
genetically alters anything!

Killem Park Is a Project of the
Exxonomic UnderDevelopment Corporashun

Visit Killem Park's Haunted House

Killem Park Hiking Trail

Wear Good Footwear

Killem Park Camping Areas and AmenItties

Killem Park is Open for Hunting

Exxonomic UnderDevelopment Corporashun
Delivers PA Systems for Your Events

Exxonomic UnderDevelopment Corporashun
Can Arrange Local Talent for Your Event

Resident Organist for Weddings and Rock Concerts

Banjo Hunter and Stripper Mel Gibsin

Piano Bar to Go with Stripper Arnald Schwarzinegger

Radiator Accordian and Mel Stripper

Beer Barrel Dancing Sisters and Strippers

Dancing Duet - The Hermaphrodites

Pothole's Own Female Impersonator

Killem Park's Resident Clown for the Kids

Killem Park Swimming

or Lake Pothole Swimming

More About Killem Park here

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