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Killem Park

To Dispel False Rumors:
There is no evidence that lake pollution
genetically alters anything!

Killem Park Is a Project of the
Exxonomic UnderDevelopment Corporashun

Conveniently located between 2 Licker Stores and easy access to the City strip joint and the Adult Toy Store, Killem Park offers a taste of forest, lake, and wilderness, combined into one park for that family outing and experience.

Killem is a historic landmark and was once owned by a mass-murdering serial killer, cannibal and mayor. Mr. Killem moved to East Texas from Britain in the 1800s. Over 100 female bodies have been found there, and it was estimated that over 700 victims were buried. There is a $100 reward if you find another body to put in the City Muzeum.

Killem is for ideal for hunting and fishing.
You catchem, We Killem!

Killem is perfect for camping, rallies, festivals, sporting events, weddings, dances, and parties.

The Politburo has put up thousands of signs for your safety and revenue enhancement by the Police Department.

Cum on out to Killem to enjoy a day in the park. See the modern conveniences added by the Exxonomic UnderDevelopment Corporashun. while preserving the pristine, rustik aura of the park.

Exxonomic UnderDevelopment Corporashun
Inspecting Killem Park

Artist Renditions of Mr. Killem

Entrance to Killem

Road into Killem

Exxonomic UnderDevelopment Corporashun
Killem Park Director

Park Office

Park Crew Ready to Assist You

On Site Park Superintendecent
And Elvis Impersonator 'Brandy"

Exxonomic UnderDevelopment Corporashun
Killem Park Security

Speed Control Officer Disquised on Park Road

Exxonomic UnderDevelopment Corporashun
Killem Park's New Refreshment Center

Exxonomic UnderDevelopment Corporashun
Makes Killem Park Handicap Friendly

Park Handicap Security Officer

Exxonomic UnderDevelopment Corporashun
Added WiFi Internet to Killem Park

Exxonomic UnderDevelopment Corporashun
Added Modern Picnic Areas to Killem Park

Exxonomic UnderDevelopment Corporashun
Remodeled the Old Buildings in Killem Park

Exxonomic UnderDevelopment Corporashun
Places Computers at all Camp Sites and Lodgings

Some with the Latest IBM Computers

Exxonomic UnderDevelopment Corporashun's
Resident On-Site Park IT Specialist

Find her in her office during Biziness Ours

Exxonomic UnderDevelopment Corporashun
Killem Playground in Killem Park

More About Killem Park here

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