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East Texas is a Fine place to bring up a family
and Pothole stands ready with
Upscale housing and tenements

Pothole is proud to announce it has
NO government assisted housing
in the city

Subtle but Modern Hi-Rise Livin

New Housing with Green Land Use Policies
Making Good Use of Washed Out Bridge

The Mayor's New Castle

The city planning commission approved the location
under their 'greening' of the city goal.
The mayor located his home over the bridge his
truck wiped out delivering his home.

Fishing Made Easy!

Homes with Storm Shelters

Still making housing like our forefathers

Multi-Story Housing

Though Rural, Pothole has Modern
TV and Cell Phone Availability

Some Citizens Literally Live on the Lake in their Yachts

Modern Trailer Parks!

Many New Pothole Homes have Ceiling Fans,
Swimming Pools, Modern Kitchens, Hot Tubs, Bath Tubs

Penthouse Condos In Pothole

Lakeside Apartments

Or just Sit back in your porch swing
and kill meskeeters with your shotgun

A word from our sponsor

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If'n you don't have a sense of humor then just move on to another site.
Real Texans do indeed laugh at themselves.