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Politburo Govment
Pothole, Texas

To Dispel False Rumors:
There is no evidence that lake pollution
genetically alters anything!

City of Pothole Polituro (PHPD)

Ths city is ruled by an Alderman/Council Politburo (PHPD).

Chief of the Politburo is the Mayor

Alderman Arriving at City Hall

The Aldermen of the Politburo
Official State Photos




Public Opinion of the Politburo

City Secretaries

City Hall Maids/Maintenance



Politburo Planning Meeting

Politburo At City Hall Dedication

Aldermen and their Self-Serving Speeches

PHPD Aldermnan to Visit
with Texas Attorney General

Former Alderman Meets with
Federal Justice Authorities

Politburo Takes Contract Out on Citizens
Hires this Man's Company for Garbage Pickup

Politburo Handling the Opposition

City Founding Father

Former City Leaders
Photos from State Archives




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