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There's always something goin on to bring
Pothole visitors and residents a time
for recreashun and relaksashun.

The Pothole Police Department Runs the Old Folks Bingo Casino.
This keeps mini-dress grandmas off the streets

Many times the Old Folks volunteer to help out the police department too.

It's a day of fun once a week for both the police and grandma.

Lake Living and Vacations always give
rise to Outdoor BarBieQues

Fine East Texas Quizeens

Fire Department Volunteers Bring Gas
to them Citified BBQ machines

BarBieQues are Always Clean Family Fun!

If Ya just ain't got no testicals,
then you can rent our Real Man BBQ
from the Exxonomic Underdevelopment Corperashun
$10,000 per day

There's So Much Fun and Goins On
I jest kouldn't git it all on one page
Lots More Pothole Fun

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If'n you don't have a sense of humor then just move on to another site.
Real Texans do indeed laugh at themselves.