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City of Pothole Police

Meanest, Onryiest, Ticket Givers in the State

The PHPD Maintains 24 hour revenuing patrols
on 2 miles of Highway in the City
With 29 Cops and Vehicles

First and Last New Police Cars Purchased

The Police Chief's Favorite Car

The Police Chief's Favorite at 2am.

The Pothole Dignitary and Parade Unit

VERY Friendly Patrolmen

The Pothole K-9 Unit

The PHPD Stops Bycycle Crime

Back Seat Passenger Door Crimes

Scary Animal Crimes

See Through Clothing Crime

Enforcing the Law

Special Units for Special Crimes

PHPD Ready to Guard Against
Middle East Terrorists
in East Texas

PHPD is a Progressive Police Dept with several Female Cops

Top Notch Crime Investators

Pothole Meter Maids

More About the PHPD Here

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