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About the Real Podunk Redneck City
Pothole, Texas

To Dispel False Rumors:
There is no evidence that lake pollution
genetically alters anything!

Views of Our City Cemetary

Places of Worship

Churches Supply Transportation
to Bring the Lost to the Lord

City Parades

City Bus Line

City Liebary and Muzeum

City Liebarian

City Hall

City Zoning Commission

City Building Inspectors

Exxonomic UnderDevelopment Corporashun

City Parks and Wildlife

Recreashun Director

City Chaplain

The Right Reverend Chas. Mansoon

Family Planning Counselor

City Health and Welfare Dept

Health and Hygiene Director

City Planning Services

Service Vehicle

Planning Technicians

They Built City Hall Restroom Facilities Themselves

Building Inspection

Department Vehicles

Chief Inspector

City Nurse

City Court and City Jail

Law Liebary

Judge's Chambers

Witness Box Seat

Jury Deliberation Room

Court Bayleef

City Lawyer and Public Defender

Our City Judge

Streets and Maintenance


Street Crew at Work

Redneck Black History Festival

Re-enaktment of Black History pre1964

Re-enaktment of Black History post1964

Civil War History Festival

Pack on Up and Plan to
Move to Pothole

Our Welcome to Pothole Committee Director
She's Ready to Initiate You to Pothole

Rest of the Welcome to Pothole Committee

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Real Texans do indeed laugh at themselves.