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City Biznisses

To Dispel False Rumors:
There is no evidence that lake pollution
genetically alters anything!

Present Biznisses in the City
We can Thank the City Politburo
and the Exxonomic UnderDevelopment Corporashun
for such a fine lineup of biznisses
Nobody can stifle bizness like Pothole!

3 licker stores
1 Adult Sex Toys Store
0 Coffee Shops
0 Coffee stores
0 Coffee pubs
5000 moonshine stills
1 motel
1 fillerup stashun
2 dollar stores
0 Loan Sharks (see the Mayor)
0 Drug Dealers (see the Mayor)
0 Payday Loan shops (see the Mayor)
0 grocery stores
0 auto parts stores
0 hardware stores
0 sporting goods stores
0 bait and tackle shops
0 chicken ranches
0 trash companies (after the latest ordinance)
0 newpapers
0 office supply stores
0 car dealerships
0 car inspection services
0 auto repair shops
0 pharmacies
0 doctors
0 dentists
0 ice cream shops
0 donut shops
0 restaurants
0 pizza joints
0 lawyers (but who cares)
0 hamburger joints
0 boat shops
0 marinas
0 motorcycle shops
0 post offices
0 factories
0 industries
0 furniture stores
0 dry cleaners
0 farm and tractor stores
0 feed stores
0 clothing stores
0 outlet malls
0 shopping malls
0 banks
0 radio stations
0 television stations
0 Western Unions
0 FexEx stores
0 UPS stores
0 Computer shops
0 Music stores
0 Electronics stores
0 rental yards
0 Beauty Saloons
0 Bus Depots
0 Rail Depot
0 Trucking-Freight
0 Cabs-Taxis
0 Bus service
0 Doctors
0 Hospitals
0 Clinics
0 Air Conditioning Services
0 Septic Tank Service
0 Theatres
0 Movie Houses
0 Video Rental stores
0 Dairy Queens
0 Vacuum Cleaner Repair shops
0 Carpet Cleaner Services
0 Pest Control Services
0 Gun - Ammo stores
0 Insurance Companies
0 Tanning Salons
0 Antique Shops
0 2nd hand stores
0 bowling alleys
0 pool rooms
0 bars and taverns
0 night clubs
0 Goodwill stores
0 plumbers
0 electrical supply stores
0 plumbing supply houses
0 electricians
0 health food stores
0 shoe shine shops
0 barbers
0 toy stores
0 day care centers
0 nuclear plants
0 defense industry
0 pet stores
0 veterinarians
0 animal hospitals
0 credit unions
0 photography stores
0 lumber yards
0 internet providers
0 dairies
0 bakeries
0 wrecking yards
0 airports
0 any other biznisses

The City Officials like to say its a city of opportoonity
The Politburo and Exxonomic UnderDevelopment Corporashun
will make shur it stays that way!

Cummin Soon Biznisses

The EDC has said that a new motel is soon to be!

With Air Conditiioned Luxury Sweets

Fresh air in every room

Clean Rooms!

Modern Toilets and
Automated Sprinklers

Cummin Soon Biznisses

A Strip Joint May be in the Creashun Staje!

It Will Be a Family Strip Joint

Conveniently Located in the City

With EDC Support

EDC offers City Equipment
to Guarantee Success

Strip Joint to Cater to Senior Citizens

Cummin Soon Biznisses

We Might get a New Bookstore
If'n they can figur out a way
to separate the books
from the 'other' paper

A word from our sponsor

HiddenMysteries Internet Book Store

If'n you don't have a sense of humor then just move on to another site.
Real Texans do indeed laugh at themselves.