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Redneck Pothole, Texas
The Pothole Between Two Bridges

Welcome to the Official website for the City of Pothole, Texas! Located on beautiful Lake Pothole in Redneck County, Pothole serves as a top recreational spot for many Texans. The city limits incorporate about 260 (260.45553322096) square miles of the lake and about point one (.1) square miles of land. The City of Pothole Police give around 30,000 (30,000) tickets daily to vehicles coming through our city limits. We are about fifteen (15.6734) miles south of Speedbump, Texas on State Highway one fifty five point three (155.3) at the Redneck/Boot Hill County line.

Standard of living and quality of life ranks about .05% of that in Dallas and Houston.

We like to give credit where credit is due.. Thank you Mayor, and thank you EDC! Your placing this site on the city website.

At this website, you will find various information concerning the city government, courts, and the city emergency services, library, museum, downtown district, plus some information about the top spots for recreation and sporting fun around our city. Also included is information about our businesses, churches and schools.

Pothole has been in a drought.. Goober Goodhair tried to bring us rain, but failed... like most of his other policies and decisions.

Two weeks ago I put in a request at city hall for the mayor to start putting water back in the lake.

Suddenly we got thunderstorms and rain! I guess Saint Tony's raindance was far more successful than the Goober's.

For more information, please contact the Pothole, Politburo at (555) 876-PHPD.

Pothole Economic
Suppression Cop-eration

Has New Scheme to Raise Revenue!


To raise revenue the wise city fathers with the strong-arming of the EDC
will begin the new parking meter system in Pothole.

You will have to pay to park ANYWHERE in the 39 square miles of their illegal city limits

The meters are portable so PHPD can move them to
where the parked vehicle is and begin metering.
Failure to pay the $3.00 per hour parking fee
will result in a $3,000.00 fine, compounded at 50% daily.

In more positive news the EDC
has secured Pothole
a Coffee Shop! Finally!

The building was painted by EDC directors!

The EDC Werking Fervently
to Secure A CC Post Office

The EDC is offering Pothole Tours
on their new Double Decker Tour Bus!

A word from our sponsor

HiddenMysteries Internet Book Store

If'n you don't have a sense of humor then just move on to another site.
Real Texans do indeed laugh at themselves.